CastleReady puts your listings on all advertising websites (dubizzle / property finder / Estate/ PropertyShowRoom / Proparabia / your company website and many more). You can manage your agents, buyers, owners, documents all under one screen

CastleReady is super-fast - it beats the competition hands down on speed and highly user-friendly and it has some unique features our competitors don't have such as, Smart calendar, unique to market document generation system, smart matching leads functionality, viewing's terminal to manage your agents, Targets and commission screen to track the agents commission against predefined targets, you can do bulk mail and SMS as well, Contract renewal reminders, tenancy contracts and much more...

Our Key Features

Overview Available
Minimum Users 4
Bulk discounts available Unlimited Users
File Storage Unlimited
Billing Quartely, Half yearly, Annually
Online Payments Credit Card / Debit Card / Paypal
Listing Management
Listing Browser for hyper-fast searches
Detailed Listings
Manage Columns
Create Property List
Property Dashboard
Leads Overview
ToDo-List Overview
Assigned Track History
Leads Management
Listing Browser for hyper-fast searches
Assign leads to agents
Smart matching leads
Update leads follow-ups
Schedule a Meetings, Viewings and Calls
Deals Management
Listing Browser for hyper-fast searches
Manage your deal commissions
Create Tenancy Contract
Manage Contacts
Listing Browser for hyper-fast searches
Share your contacts
Email Marketing
Choose different email templates for Single / Multiple properties
Create your hot properties list and send bulk mails
Track emails in real time (Opened, clicked)
SMS Marketing
Track the delivered sms counts
Share your properties with (Facebook, twitter, google+, Linked In)
Publish Portals
Dubizzle (Paid)
Property Finder (Paid)
Property Showrooms (Paid)
Estate (Free)
Olx (Free)
Uae Properties / Du-Rent (Free)
Free Integration of your ( Paid / Free ) Portals across any countries
Reports & Analytics
Create Customized Reports for Property Listings, Leads, Leads History, Deals, Contacts, Contact History and Target & Commissions...
Alerts & Notification
Property Assign Alert
Daily Lead Follow-up's
Hourly Lead Follow-up's
Contract Renewal Remainder
Lead Assign Alert
Deal Close Alert
Idle Properties Remainder
Change/create user profiles
Assign permissions to users that align with specific pieces of functionality or tasks.
Manage company profile & maintain the documents
Website Development & Customization
Real-time listings on your website
Choose your custom website template
Support & Services
Online Chat System / Skype Instant Help
Ticket System
Paypal / Debit / Credit Card
Payment History